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Inlays and Onlays Treatments in Spring Grove, PA

If you have tooth decay of any type or size, you’re at risk for bacteria to get trapped in your teeth. This bacterium then causes infections, further causing damage. One way to fix and prevent infections due to tooth decay is by affixing inlays or onlays. The treatment restores your teeth when standard fillings aren’t enough to fix the decay. Often referred to as partial crowns, we use inlays and onlays to reinforce your teeth. We use the existing tooth as a base to further strengthen your tooth and prevent further damage. Our team uses inlays when the cusps aren’t damaged, placing it right on the tooth. For more extensive damage, we will use onlays. Our team of dental experts in Spring Grove, PA, can help you determine precisely what dental treatment you need. Call us today to schedule your appointment and get a cleaner, brighter, healthier smile.

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The Inlay and Onlay Application Process

After we establish that inlays or onlays are the appropriate treatment for your teeth, we begin by removing the decayed area of the tooth. We will then take a mold of the tooth and send it to our dental lab for fabrication. From this mold, our lab will create your inlays or onlays. They get made of gold, porcelain, or composite resin. This wait time is usually about two or three weeks. While you wait, we will fit you with a temporary inlay or onlay for your tooth to protect it and allow you to get used to the feeling. When your permanent piece comes back from the lab, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with you. We’ll then affix the permanent inlay or onlay to your tooth. When we’re finished, you won’t be able to tell the real teeth from the inlay or onlay. Smile with confidence again and enjoy eating and conversing without interruption, pain, or discomfort.

Schedule Your Consultation with Us Today

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